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Cloud Consulting

Discover the power of Cloud Consulting Services for your business growth. With our expert guidance, unlock the true potential of the cloud. Experience a seamless digital transformation journey through our strategic Cloud Solutioning, Architecture and Design, Migration Assessment, Cost Optimization, and DevOps Assessment. Maximize cost-effectiveness and scalability while revolutionizing your operations. Reach out to us now to embark on your transformative cloud journey.

Cloud Development

Experience the full potential of Cloud Development with our comprehensive solutions. Our expertise covers Web Development, App Modernization, Cloud Native Development, Serverless Development, Microservices, API Management, Service Bus, Message Queue, Events, IoT, Chatbot, Open AI, Machine Learning, and Cloud Analytics. Unleash the power of cloud technology to maximize your business potential. Contact us today to leverage the benefits of cloud computing and propel your digital transformation.

Cloud Migration

Experience a smooth and hassle-free Cloud Migration journey with our comprehensive services. We offer Cloud Migration in a Box, Website Migration in a Box, Citrix VDI Migration, Database Migration, M365 Migration, and Azure Subscription Migration. Seamlessly transition your infrastructure and data to the cloud with our expert assistance. Trust us to handle your migration needs efficiently and effectively. Contact us now for a seamless and successful migration experience.

Cloud Operations

Enhance your Cloud Operations and Security with our premier services. As a trusted Microsoft CSP, we excel in Azure VDI in a Box, DRaaS in a Box, Backup and DR, Infra Provisioning, Configuration, Monitoring, Capacity Sizing, Docker/Kubernetes Deployment and DevOps Automation. Strengthen your security with Cloud Network Security and benefit from round-the-clock Cloud Support. Rely on us for seamless and secure cloud operations. Get in touch today to fortify your cloud environment and ensure uninterrupted business continuity.

Who Are We

Apware, a rapidly growing startup offering innovative cloud solutions. Our comprehensive expertise in cloud architecture, migration, application development, and security, along with our specialization in Microsoft Azure and AWS, ensures top-notch services tailored to your needs. Experience digital transformation, drive business growth, and optimize operations with Apware, your trusted partner in cloud excellence. Explore ZOPS.AI, our revolutionary DevOps platform, and stay ahead in the ever-changing technology landscape. Contact us now for comprehensive cloud solutions and expert guidance.



Leverage our strong partnerships with the world's top cloud technology companies to unlock unparalleled platform capabilities for transforming your business application landscape. Our strategic alliances showcase our dedication to simplifying, modernizing, and securing your infrastructure and applications, ensuring optimal results for your business.